Field dressing blade metal texture
Precision Field Dressing Blade

Pelvic Cutter Pro

Preserves The Bladder
The specially-designed, hardened steel, Pelvic Cutter Pro blade is constructed to preserve the bladder, minimizing the chance of accidental puncture, which can spoil the Hind Quarters. The Pelvic Cutter Pro is an essential Field Dressing Tool created to ensure you can quickly complete this process with minimal risk and preserving the meat.

Product Description

The Pelvic Cutter Pro is designed with high quality steel, a combination of iron and carbon.
The V-shaped blade allows you to steadily lock in your cut steady and firm.
The CNC process is carefully done to make sure we maintain a high quality product.
The unique design and purpose of the Pelvic Cutter Pro, is like no other product in the market. 

3-Step Process to Save Your Meat

Step 1:
After knocking down your deer, start field dressing as you normally would.
Field Dressing Deer - Step 1
Step 2:
Now you are ready to preserve and remove the bladder safely by cutting the pelvic bone using the Pelvic Cutter Pro.
  • Place the Pelvic Cutter Pro using the round end facing down, and position it between the pelvic bone and the bladder.
  • Use sharp edge carefully pressing against the pelvic bone middle section. Do not press on the bladder with sharp edge.
  • Use the handle of your hunting knife or small rock to carefully tap the Pelvic Cutter Pro through the cartilage of the pelvic bone. Once the pelvic bone is split you can remove the bladder safely, preserving your meat.
Field Dressing Deer - Step 2
Step 3:
After splitting the pelvic bone, carefully removing the bladder and remaining entrails, now you are ready to skin your deer.
Field Dressing Deer - Step 3